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On a regular basis throughout the year we will be featuring one of our alumni who will tell us what they have been up to since graduation and provide current Minis with valuable advice and insight.

Featured September 2018



What have you been doing since graduating from the Mini?

After the Mini, I went on to complete a Bachelor of Health Sciences Honours with a minor in Psychology at McMaster University in Ontario. During this time, I had a chance to be involved with research in various areas, from asthma e-learning to health policy. I graduated in April 2017 and am now back in Vancouver, having just started medical school at UBC this past August.

What is your favourite Mini memory?

I’m cheating a little by including an entire year’s worth of memories, but I have to say it was Leadership 12. In this class, I worked with my classmates to plan events and do the behind-the-scenes work for trips. After having experienced events like Orientation, Manning, and Mini Prom, we had a chance to put our own spin onto them while having an awesome time doing it.

What advice can you give to Mini students while in school and once they have graduated?

Enjoy your time in the Mini – I had a wonderful time and I hope you will too! The Mini is a great time build friendships and figure out what kinds of things you’re interested in. Work hard (but not too hard) and don’t worry too much. As for after graduation, I can only speak to my own experience of going to university. University is definitely an adjustment, from how to study to how to manage your time. There will always be some growing pains as you figure out what works for you, so be patient with yourself. As well, be sure to make time to relax, whether it is to hang out with friends, spend time with family, watch a show, cook a meal, or anything in between.

What have you gotten out of your Mini experience?

The Mini helped me grow, from developing leadership and teamwork skills to building confidence. We were given a large breadth of experiences as we learnt both in the classroom and on trips. As well, the Mini has a wonderful sense of community with its passionate teachers and engaged students and I’m grateful to have had so many fantastic experiences with them.