How To Apply

The incoming class for 2018 has now been selected. We had a very strong group of about 300 applications this year and interviewed 122 candidates. Thanks to all students who applied for Point Grey Mini this year and we wish you the very best next fall. 

Available now to download... The 2019 Application

Listed below are steps to apply for the Point Grey Mini School Program. For more information on mini school application, please visit the VSB's site,

At this time, there are no spaces available in upper grades at Point Grey Mini School.

Note that students must register for both the District Test and the program(s) to which they are applying, in this case, Point Grey Mini.

1 Point Grey Mini Info Night

7:00 PM, Wednesday, October 10, 2018 -Point Grey Auditorium 2nd floor

An information night is held every year in the fall. Any students who may be interested in applying to Point Grey Mini and their parents are strongly encouraged to attend. Information about the Mini program and how to apply will be discussed.

2 Point Grey Mini Application

4:00 PM, Thursday, December 20, 2018 - Deadline for Applications

Students must apply to each Mini school program separately. A link to our on-line application form cab be found at the top of this page.  If your Grade 7 first term report card is not available by the December 20th deadline, submit your Grade 6 FINAL report with the on-line application.  Then submit your Grade 7 first term grades to the Point Grey Secondary School office as they become available until  4PM Friday, January 18th, 2019. As the VSB is undergoing changes to the reporting process for elementary schools, some pilot schools will not have Grade 7 term one reports available. In these pilot school cases, applications will be deemed complete with only the Grade 6 final report card. All other incomplete applications for any other reason will be disqualified. Note: Please hand in applications to the Point Grey Main School Office by deadline.

3 Online Registration for District Test

Midnight, October 26th to 4 pm November 8, 2018- Deadline for Registration for the Test

PLEASE NOTE NOVEMBER 8TH IS DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING FOR DISTRICT TEST.  All students who apply for Mini school programs must also register online at starting on October 26th, for the November 20th District Alternate Programs Test. The District Test includes cognitive skills (puzzles), math, and English comprehension/writing sections. There is nothing to study beforehand and no test examples from previous years are provided. This is  an assessment of a student's current cognitive levels and, along with the application helps our staff create an interview list of prospective students. Remember that you must also complete and submit an application to Point Grey Mini School separately.

Note: No exceptions will be made for students missing the registration deadline.

4 District Test

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The test is  on Thursday, November 20th, 2018 and will take about 2-3 hours (including breaks) to write. Test locations and start times will be announced in the fall. No test results are given to parents or students. Students are advised to bring a pencil, pen, and eraser to the test and to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the time of the test.

5 Point Grey Mini Interviews

January 29th - January 31 2019

A sense of community and class unity is extremely important at Point Grey Mini. The interview helps ensure that each class is diverse, and composed of students who will work well together. We receive well over 300 applications each year and short list approximately 100 students to be interviewed. We will call families from the evening of January (TBA) to set up interview times from January 29 to January 31st, 2019. Please note that we will only be able to call the families of students to whom we are offering interviews. Please do not call Point Grey Secondary to inquire as to the status of your application.

6 Acceptance

Late February to early March 2019

Offers and acceptances will happen in two rounds. On February 20th, families of students who have been accepted (first offers) will be contacted by phone. Acceptance replies to first offers must be received by February 22nd at noon. Students who do not receive offers in the first round may still receive offers on February 27th (second offers), depending on the number of available spots left. Acceptance replies for second offers must be received by February 28th at noon.