General Information

Students take a combination of Mini courses along with several elective courses in the main school. Mini courses feature enriched portions of the regular course curriculum along and are taught at a faster pace to accommodate the many activities students take part in, such as extended field trips.

During Grades 8 to 10, students will enroll in Mini Humanities. Humanities combines the curriculum for English with the curriculum for Social Studies and is taken every day instead of every other day due to it combining two courses into one.

During Grades 9 and 10, Humanities and Science will be taken cross-grade. Students will learn in a class of both their peers and students of the other grade. The Humanities 9/10 and Science 9/10 course is divided into two years. During one year, the Social Studies 9 curriculum will be covered along with sections of both Science 9 and 10. During the other year, the Social Studies 10 curriculum and the rest of the Science 9 and 10 curriculums will be covered. By the end of Grade 10, both the Humanities and Science 9/10 curriculums will have been completed. The half that the student studies first depends on the year that they enter the Mini.