Direct Drive

PAC funds pay for expenses not covered by Vancouver School Board
  • Computer laboratory including hardware, software and support,
  • Program enrichment such as Duke of Ed equipment, digital video editing,
  • Science workbooks, etc.,
  • Grants for students attending workshops/conferences and science fairs;
  • Wish list items chosen by Mini teachers to enhance learning in the classroom;
  • Mini Field trips subsidies for financially challenged families.
  • Contribution to legacy projects such as a new sound system form Point Grey Secondary School

There are many benefits associated with Direct Donations

  • 100% of the proceeds go to the resources we need -- no fundraising expenses;
  • Less time consuming and more efficient than any other fundraising methods;
  • Parent volunteer time can be spent on more important programs and events to directly benefit our students without the constant strain to fundraise;
  • Confidentiality guaranteed;
  • Tax receipts issued for donations over $25.

Each year Mini Staff, PAC and families work together to determine a goal

  • This year the goal has been set at $10,000;
  • We encourage every family to participate as much as possible;
  • Depending on individual financial situation, families are welcome to donate more, or less than the suggested average;
  • An average of $100 per family will allow us to meet our goal;
  • If your family's current financial circumstance simply does not allow for making a donation at this time, please rest assured that it will NOT affect your child's or your family's participation in our Mini community in any way.

Please make your donation cheque payable to Point Grey Mini School Services Society, or PGMSSS, and bring it to our next Mini Society meeting, drop it off at the Mini office drop box or contact:

Download Chinese Translation of Direct Drive Campaign