Enrichment Actitives

The Mini provides a learning experience like no other. Through a variety of annual field trips, students explore the curriculum beyond the classroom, gaining a perspective that perfectly compliments the in-school material. The field trips also help grow the strong social aspect of the Mini, facilitating the development of leadership skills and encouraging student bonding across all grades.

Orientation Camp (2 nights)

This Field Trip usually takes place in September and is for all grades.

Orientation kicks off the school year for all the members of the Mini. It's the perfect way to welcome back returning students, while also introducing the new grade 8s into the family!
This 3-day event is jam-packed with fun activities, including both camp and student-led workshops. Go on a kayaking adventure, then return in the afternoon for a tie-dye war! Hit a bullseye in the archery range, or get crafty making friendship-bracelets! Everyone has the chance to pursue their interests or explore a new one, with students being able to create their own workshops if they find an option missing. 
Apart from workshops, orientation also has a number of other notable events. The highlight of the first evening is the opening night skit, prepared by the grade 12 leadership class. The skit is highly interactive, involving students and teachers alike in a number of fun competitions weaved into a story. At the end of the skit, the grad slideshow plays, allowing the grade 12s to reminisce about their years in the Mini while giving younger grades an idea of what the next few years might hold for them.
Orientation closes with the themed dance taking place on the second night. This event allows students to celebrate the end of orientation, dancing the evening away with their friends while dressed in wacky costumes! Past themes include hippies and hipsters, nerd, and radioactive (glow-in-the-dark).
As the camp location changes every year, students experience a different environment with each orientation. The three camps through which the Mini currently rotates are Camp Squeah, Camp Anvil, and Camp Elphinstone.