Enrichment Actitives

The Mini provides a learning experience like no other. Through a variety of annual field trips, students explore the curriculum beyond the classroom, gaining a perspective that perfectly compliments the in-school material. The field trips also help grow the strong social aspect of the Mini, facilitating the development of leadership skills and encouraging student bonding across all grades.

Vancouver International Film Festival

This Field Trip usually takes place in November and is for Grades 9, 10, 12

Each year the Humanities teachers select a few films from the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) to screen and study, choosing works that cover a wide span of topics and showcase the talents of both foreign and local filmmakers. Screened at the Vancity Theatre in Downtown Vancouver, the VIFF outing is a valuable learning experience for all Mini students, exposing them to thought-provoking film pieces that each demonstrate a unique style of storytelling.