Enrichment Actitives

The Mini provides a learning experience like no other. Through a variety of annual field trips, students explore the curriculum beyond the classroom, gaining a perspective that perfectly compliments the in-school material. The field trips also help grow the strong social aspect of the Mini, facilitating the development of leadership skills and encouraging student bonding across all grades.

Manning Park (2 nights)

This Field Trip usually takes place in February and is for all grades.

Returning from winter break, Mini students can look forward to the 3-day trip to Manning Park. Whether a novice or an expert, a skier or a snowboarder, there are lessons for everyone! Students in grades 8 to 10 also get to experience cross-country skiing on top of their regular lessons, travelling along the breathtaking Strawberry Flats trail on their second or third day at Manning.  
As every day comes to a close, students return to their cabins, each led by grade 11 or 12 leaders. More than just accommodation, the Manning cabins provide an excellent environment for inter-grade bonding! As well, the grade 11 and 12 students develop important leadership skills as they create a meal plan, shop for groceries, and cook for the members of their cabin. Each cabin does have its own parent chaperone and this helps to build the "three-pillared community" of students, parents and teachers that we try to foster in the Mini.. 
Students also have plenty of free time in the evenings. If they bring their own skates, they can have the truly Canadian experience of playing hockey under the night sky! For those who want a more relaxing night, movies or TV shows also play each evening in the Tamarack Room. The most memorable moments, however, are when an entire grade gathers together in a cabin to play card games and share stories, in true Mini fashion. Manning is the perfect bonding experience for the students of the Mini, on and off the slopes!