Enrichment Actitives

The Mini provides a learning experience like no other. Through a variety of annual field trips, students explore the curriculum beyond the classroom, gaining a perspective that perfectly compliments the in-school material. The field trips also help grow the strong social aspect of the Mini, facilitating the development of leadership skills and encouraging student bonding across all grades.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival (4 nights)

This Field Trip usually takes place in June and is for Grades 9, 10

On alternate years, grade 9 and 10 students will visit Ashland, Oregon in place of the Strathcona trip. At Ashland, they get to experience firsthand the plays they study in their Humanities class - and many more beside that - as they"re thrown right into the world-renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival!
Throughout their stay, students view a wide variety of plays, including both Shakespearean and contemporary works. First witnessing master actors perform on stage, they later get to learn more about their craft during backstage tours, workshops and discussions with actors, crew and creative teams. The plays themselves also take place on beautiful stages, including the outdoor Allen Elizabethan, which is an exact replica of Shakespeare"s original Globe Theatre!
Between plays, students have free time to explore the quaint town of Ashland. Shops line each street, selling handcrafted jewelry, Shakespeare-themed gift items, and many other interesting and unique wares. The lithia water fountains located in the downtown plaza are also a major landmark for anyone visiting the town. Rich in minerals, the town"s famous lithia water awakens the senses and gives people a taste of true Ashland history! The nearby Lithia Park is another popular destination, filled with many trails to explore and sit-down spots for a lunchtime picnic.
As night falls on Oregon, the students return to the campsite at gorgeous Emigrant Lake. Here both teamwork and practical skills are put to use, as they prepare their own meals and set up their own camps within their predetermined tent and cooking groups. The one meal the teachers prepare is a delicious barbecue, usually taking place at lunchtime on either the first or second day. The trip to Ashland truly adds another dimension to the in-class study of drama, leaving students with a greater understanding and appreciation of the art.