Enrichment Actitives

The Mini provides a learning experience like no other. Through a variety of annual field trips, students explore the curriculum beyond the classroom, gaining a perspective that perfectly compliments the in-school material. The field trips also help grow the strong social aspect of the Mini, facilitating the development of leadership skills and encouraging student bonding across all grades.

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival

This Field Trip usually takes place in September and is for all grades.

Acting company Bard On the Beach performs a number of Shakespeare's works at Vanier Park every year. In the fall, Mini students from grades 8 to 12 visit one or more of their productions, as selected by the Humanities teachers. The outing is always a fun experience, bringing entertainment and a dynamic layer to the in-class study of plays and drama. Past performances have included plays like Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Much Ado About Nothing.