Low-Risk Daytrip Information

Course for Field Studies: Humanities,English
Course Teacher: Mori Hamilton
Destination: The Dunbar Theatre Hero Journey
Start date: Jan 12, 2018
End date: Jan 12, 2018
Consent due date: Jan 10, 2018
Series of activities to be undertaken (specify program):
Students will attend a private screening of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" at the Dunbar Theatre at 12:15. Around the event, we will have a Star Wars day which will involve trivia, costumes and games celebrating the film saga. Prior to and after the screening, students will have lecture and activities around myth and the hero's development arc through the works of Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler.
Purpose or Educational Goals:
Community-building in the Mini School
Identify and analyse archetypal characters and story arcs from Star Wars saga in the context of Vogler's narrative theory and Joseph Campbell's hero's journey.
Apply this analysis to other works of film and fiction
Student depart school at 11:30 by public transit to attend 12:15 screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Attendance taken at theatre. Students dismissed from venue at 3:15
Mode of Transportation: public/student own
Transportation By:
Grades: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
# Female students: 70
# Male students: 71
Educator In Charge: Hamilton
Supervisors: Mara Benson, Polly Dobie, Mori Hamilton, Kelly Patrick, Stefan Schmitt, Paul Skarsgard
Cost To Student: $0
What To Bring: enthusiam, weather appropriate clothing, bag lunch
Behaviour Expectations:
Potential Known Risks and Safety Information:
Travelling by public transit and crossing busy street (Dunbar). Students will travel in groups of no less than 2, know the Mini School emergency cell phone number 604-209-4405. Attendance will be taken at venue.
Additional Comments/Remarks re. Risks & Safety:
Bring cell phone,food or money for snack at venue have a clear plan for transportation to/from venue.