Low-Risk Daytrip Information

Course for Field Studies: Humanities
Course Teacher: Mori Hamilton
Destination: Talking Stick Festival film screening
Start date: Feb 22, 2018
End date: Feb 22, 2018
Consent due date: Feb 21, 2018
Series of activities to be undertaken (specify program):
Students attend a screening of indigenous film-maker, Ryan McMahon's film "Colonization Road" as part of the 2018 Talking Stick Festival. Screening will be at 1 pm at Vancity Theatre on 1181 Seymour St.
Purpose or Educational Goals:
To understand the immediate and lasting effects of colonization on indigenous communities through the documentary film "Colonization Road" which looks at the building of access roads through traditional Anishinaabeg territory in the 1800s.
Students will take public transit from Arbutus and 37th street during lunch break to arrive at Vancity Theatre on Seymour by 12:40 pm. Students will attend screening at 1 pm at Vancity Theatre on 1181 Seymour St. Students will be dismissed from venue at approximately 2:20 pm.
Mode of Transportation: student own/transit
Transportation By: student own/public transit
Grades: 9, 10
# Female students: 29
# Male students: 29
Educator In Charge: Hamilton
Supervisors: Mori Hamilton, Stefan Schmitt
Cost To Student: $10
What To Bring: cell phone; transit/transportation plan; common sense
Behaviour Expectations:
Potential Known Risks and Safety Information:
Being in urban environment and public transit carry inherent risks that can be mitigated by awareness, knowledge of area, transit routes, protecting valuables, travelling in pairs+
Additional Comments/Remarks re. Risks & Safety:
Know the Mini School emergency cell phone number 604-209-4405. Attendance will be taken at venue.