Low-Risk Daytrip Information

Course for Field Studies: Humanities and English
Course Teacher: Mori Hamilton
Destination: The Park Theatre
Start date: Jun 19, 2018
End date: Jun 19, 2018
Consent due date: Jun 17, 2018
Series of activities to be undertaken (specify program):
Students attend a screening of the film adaptation of Indian Horse
Purpose or Educational Goals:
Students will compare the novel Indian Horse with it's film adaptation.
Bus pick up 11:50 am from 37th Ave. Transport to The Park Theatre for 1 pm screening. Students will be dismissed from the venue at 3:00 pm. The Park Theatre is located at 3440 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2W8.
Mode of Transportation: school bus (one-way)
Transportation By: First Student Charter
Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12
# Female students: 58
# Male students: 55
Educator In Charge: K. Patrick and M. Hamilton
Supervisors: Mori Hamilton, Kelly Patrick, Stefan Schmitt
Cost To Student: $10
What To Bring: cell phone and return transportation plan
Behaviour Expectations:
Potential Known Risks and Safety Information:
Travel in urban environments necessitates awareness and common sense.
Additional Comments/Remarks re. Risks & Safety: