Low-Risk Daytrip Information

Course for Field Studies: Humanities
Course Teacher: Mori Hamilton
Destination: The Cinematheque
Start date: Mar 11, 2019
End date: May 23, 2019
Consent due date: Mar 10, 2019
Series of activities to be undertaken (specify program):

Mar. 11: Attend workshop at Cinematheque on Gender Roles and Film.

May 23: Attend workshop at The Cinematheque on Shakespeare (specifically Romeo and Juliet) in modern media.

Purpose or Educational Goals:

Mar 11: Explore how gender roles are defined and limited by portrayal in film

May 23:

  1. Explore the possibilities and limitations of Shakespeare's plays as experienced in different mediums and film interpretations.

  2. Connect the themes and social commentary of the original play to various film versions, especially the 1996 Baz Lurhmann interpretation.

  3. Recognize the approach taken by movie studios to target teen audiences and transform past works into fresh, relevant and lucrative features.


  • 8:30- arrive at The Cinematheque (1131 Howe St.) for attendance and admission.

  • 8:45- students seated for workshop

  • 12 (tbd): break for lunch

  • 12:45: return from lunch and continue with workshop

  • 3:10: dismissed from venue

Mode of Transportation: Student own/transit
Transportation By:
Grades: 9, 10
# Female students: 26
# Male students: 28
Educator In Charge: Hamilton
Supervisors: Mori Hamilton, Stefan Schmitt, Paul Skarsgard
Cost To Student: $20
What To Bring:

Lunch/lunch money/cell phone/travel plan/common sense

Behaviour Expectations:


Potential Known Risks and Safety Information:

If students are leaving venue for lunch break, they are to travel in groups in the South Granville area and carry cell phones.

Additional Comments/Remarks re. Risks & Safety:

Students are to have transportation plan pre-arranged and carry phone and money on them. They are to budget their time accordingly during the lunch and other breaks.