Looking Ahead with the Class of 2018

Ben Clayton

I will be attending the University of Waterloo to study Biomedical Engineering next year. In the future I plan on designing artificial limbs or organs for a biomedical engineering company, or starting my own business in that field. The Point Grey Mini School has fostered the passion I have for my studies and supported my way through high school to an incredible extent, allowing me to reach my full academic and extra curricular potential. I was the top scholar in my graduating class, and was awarded the John Plommer Mini School Award, the Brenna Innes Memorial Award, department awards in Business Education, Art, and Science, a Point Grey academic medal, and a merit gold pin. I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be taught by the Point Grey Mini School teachers. They are what make the Mini so special, and allow and encourage students to find success in pursuing their unique and diverse interests.

Ryan Davies

I will be attending Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario this upcoming fall, and cannot wait. My faculty will be engineering, something I have always been interested in and encouraged to do by friends, family, and teachers.Unlike many other schools, Queen's has a general first year, which means I don’t have to specialize in any specific field until my second year. This aspect, along with a reputation for a great program and a flourishing social atmosphere, made engineering at Queen's my choice. I wouldn’t be talking about Queen's now, however, if not for the Mini and everyone involved. From the tireless work of the teachers to the camaraderie of my class, high school really couldn’t have been any better, and I am sure the mini has shaped both who I am now and where I am headed.

Olivia Fast

I will be attending Dalhousie University to study in the Faculty of Sciences. My major is currently undeclared but after my two years in Halifax, I hope to major in Biology. This opportunity would not have been presented to me without the help of the Mini School teachers. I am so grateful to be studying what I love in a city I love, and it is owed to the staff who helped me overcome many things. Halifax and Dalhousie have so many new experiences and teachings for me and I cannot wait. I received a Yearbook Award for my work as Co-Editor on the 2018 annual with Andrew Sze. Thank you to the Mini School for all that you have provided to me and countless other students.

Kevin Kong

Come September, I will be studying Biology at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA. I will narrow my subject of study down from general Biology, and I am considering Molecular or Cellular Bio, or something along those lines. As of now, however, I have not finalized any such decisions, but I know that I will be able to do so once I get a better understanding of the distinct fields in Biology that are all so minutely different from each other. I am a recipient of a five hundred dollar Point Grey Academic Scholarship, and I am grateful for the education I have received from Point Grey and the Mini especially. The education goes beyond the classroom, and I am truly glad to have spent my past five years learning and growing with my excellent classmates. The teachers in the Mini did more than just teach textbooks. They build up the character of every student they teach, and I say proudly and certainly that my teachers helped me grow as a person. Through the Mini trips such as Orientation and Manning, I have formed everlasting bonds with my friends. I am truly grateful to have gone through the Mini. Here's to the successes of all the students, both present and future!

Karina Leung

Hi there! I’m Karina and I’m a recent graduate of the Mini. In September 2018, I will be attending the University of Western Ontario to study Media, Information, and Technoculture, while also having been conditionally accepted to the Ivey Business School. In the future, I hope to work in the sports industry, helping organizations curate their online brand through digital media. Hopefully, I’ll be working in hockey, either in the NHL, or in the NWHL/CWHL (or whatever they decide to call themselves when #OneLeague finally happens!). I cannot thank the Mini enough for what it has done for me. The teachers were always so encouraging, and really pushed me to pursue my different interests, as wild as they may have seemed. As well, I now have created friendships with people of all kinds, from all different backgrounds, who are now pursuing careers in vastly different fields, and I hope to call them friends for a very, very long time.

Emily Shi

My name is Emily, and I will be attending the University of Waterloo in the fall of 2018 for their Computer Engineering co-op program, in the faculty of Applied Sciences. The main things that drew me to this university were their good reputation in mathematics and applied sciences (engineering), and their well known co-op program, which will allow me to get relevant job experience prior to graduating university. I am honoured to have been nominated for a Dogwood District Scholarship for the Fine Arts (drama). I greatly enjoyed my time in the Mini, and I know for sure that the various skills that I have acquired and/or developed through high school will continue to help me through my post secondary pursuits.

Ya'ira Somerville

Hi! My name Ya'ira Somerville, and I will be taking a gap year remaining in Vancouver working as personal trainer, before moving to Israel in March of 2019. There I will be volunteering my service as a "Lone Soldier" in the Israeli Defense Forces. Post service, I plan on returning to Vancouver to pursue studies in Psychology at the University of British Columbia, eventually attending graduate school to study Sports Psychology. I would like to become an eating disorder specialist, working with young athletes, and raising awareness about the prevalence of disordered eating in athletics. I am incredibly grateful to Point Grey Mini School, and its staff for the incredible learning environment and resources they provided me with, they have been integral in shaping me into the person I am today.

Jessica Wong

I will be attending the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia this September. I am excited to explore the multitude of opportunities that their commerce program has to offer and I am eager to get started. I owe this enthusiasm to my supportive teachers and the community that is Point Grey Mini School. In addition, I am thankful to have been awarded a Point Grey Academic Scholarship and the Oliver Matthew Memorial Award. I credit the Mini for teaching me, helping me grow as an individual and giving me skills to succeed. The unique experiences that the Mini Program has provided for me have enhanced my life and I am confident that the takeaways will help me in the future.

Emma Young

After five fantastic years at Point Grey Mini, I will be continuing my academic career at the University of British Columbia where I will be studying in the faculty of Arts. Although my major is currently undeclared, I am interested in a variety of social science disciplines and hope to one day pursue a degree in law. High school can be stressful and challenging in more ways than one but it is thanks to the amazing community of the Point Grey Mini School that I always felt like I had an inclusive and genuinely caring support system at school. The teachers of the Mini are some of best educators and people you will meet; their passion for their work makes their classes so incredibly engaging and interesting and the individual effort that they make to get to know each Mini student truly makes a difference in students’ lives. This creates an environment of active learners who are invested in and excited about their studies, ultimately producing a truly diverse and vibrant academic community. I attribute so much of my work ethic, passion for learning, and interest in the humanities to the Mini, as well as all of the invaluable friendships and memories made throughout my time at Point Grey.