Testimonies From PG Mini Alumni

Hugh Knapp - Class of 2013

March 30, 2016
Point Grey Mini School
5350 East Boulevard
Vancouver, B.C.
V6M 3V2
As a Point Grey Mini School graduate of 2013, I can attest that this renowned program has shaped me as a creative student, leader, and innovator. The program allowed me and my peers, and now lifelong friends, to prosper and grow in a competitive yet safe academic environment. The 30 students in my class grew together in the classroom, on the ski slopes of Manning Park, and in the water at Bamfield marine school. Not only did our class grow together, but we also grew to become a family with the other classes of the mini.

The unique learning experience that emphasized leadership in the school and community has been extremely positive and continues to help me navigate my life. It would be naive to say my current post-secondary academic success, career success, and social capital are not correlated with the skills acquired from the mini school. I am sure that the colourful resumes of other graduates would say the same.

The Point Grey Mini School joyfully sits in my memory, informing my next move and pushing me to be the leader I am today and the leader I will be tomorrow.


Hugh Knapp
Hugh Knapp
University of British Columbia | BA Sociology, Minor Environment and Soc