Testimonies From PG Mini Alumni

Alexander Terado - Class of 2012

March 29, 2016
Point Grey Mini School
5350 East Boulevard
Vancouver, B.C.
V6M 3V2
Hello, my name is Alexander Terado and I am a proud graduate of PG Mini Class of 2012. I wanted to write to you today to explain how PG Mini influenced my life and how I will be forever grateful that I was able to attend PG Mini School.

As a Grade 7 student coming from West Point Grey Academy, a private school, I had little experience with life in a public school. The transition from elementary school to a different high school can be difficult if you don’t know anyone, and I only knew one person going into Grade 8. However, being put into a class of 30 students of various backgrounds, with whom I would share every class and go on amazing excursions, enabled me to feel welcomed into a high school community almost immediately. It was not a seamless transition, but along the way I made some great friends and had the privilege to be taught by some amazing teachers. The beauty of the Mini program is that it keeps the students of each class close during Grade 8-9 (the years that are generally the most transformational in a teenager’s life) and then by Grade 10 allows the students more independence when they are more sure of who they are as an individual. The community of the Mini is truly unique, as you develop friendships not only with your own grade, but the grades above and below you. By Grades 11 and 12, you are also ready to assume a leadership role, and help guide the younger grades through some of the turbulent times in high school, as the older grades did for you years earlier.

I want to keep this short, so I’m not going to list all the amazing things that PG Mini has done for me. I will, however, highlight the most important. Firstly, and most importantly, at PG Mini I met some of my best friends who I know will be my friends for life. While university has seen us separated across the continent and the globe, Chris, Patrick, Chad, and I will always have a very special bond, and we see each other every chance we get. Secondly, PG Mini challenged me to do my best academically. I was never able to settle for a mark in the 80% range, as too many of my class mates were in the 90% range. This allowed me to enter Queen’s University on an Academic Excellence Scholarship, and gave me the academic ambition and savvy to graduate with Honors. Thirdly, the many field trips and opportunities afforded to me as a Mini (be it pond hockey at Manning Park, a trip to Bamfield Marine Biology Station, or the four night trip to Ashland Shakespeare festival) were some of the best moments of my high school career and I experienced tremendous personal growth as a result. Finally, being a Mini student gave me the opportunity to be taught by some amazing teachers. I will always hold teachers such as Mr. Procyk, Mr. Hamilton, Mr. Skarsgard, and Ms. Patrick in extremely high regard for their determination to provide the best education possible to their students.

I will forever count myself lucky that I was able to spend five years of my life in an institution with such a tremendous legacy.
Alexander Terado
Alexander Terado
Queen’s University|Bachelor of Science Honors, Major in Life Sciences 2016